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Aruba VIA provides secure VPN connectivity to an Aruba Networks Mobility Controller, letting IT administrators deliver secure access to their entire user base whether on laptops or mobile devices.,VIA for Apple iOS supports:,¦ Automatic connection establishment ,¦ Automatic download and update of configuration profiles ,¦ IPsec transport with NAT traversal and automatic SSL fallback ,¦ Authentication with IKEv1 or IKEv2 using pre-shared keys, X.509 certificates, Username/Password, and one-time passwords ,¦ Two-factor authentication fully supported ,¦ Intuitive user, interface to minimize help desk tickets,¦ FIPS 140-2 compliant,¦ Per App VPN capability,¦ Supports 64 bit devices,...,

Supported Platforms

  • iPhone
  • iPad

Features of App

FilteringNetwork MonitoringNetworkingSecurity & PrivacyVPN

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Tor is free portable software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis.,Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the…

AnonymityAnonymous emailAnonymous Secure FilesharingBuilt-in playerBuilt-In Proxy Built-in VPNApps that Bypass CensorshipBypass FirewallDebian package compatibleDistributed networkFLOSSGuiLocal SearchMinimapMobile friendlyMount FTP drivesOnedrive integrationOpera extensionPortablePrivacy focusedRemote deploymentSecurity focusedSurf AnonymouslyTraffic AnalysisVPN
Tor Alternatives


Sandboxie is sandbox-based isolation software for 32- and 64-bit Windows NT-based operating systems. It creates a sandbox-like isolated operating environment in which applications can be run or installed without permanently modifying the local or mapped drive. An isolated virtual environment allows controlled testing of untrusted programs and web surfing.,Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated…

Live sandboxLocal serverMultiple languagesWorks OfflineRun file in a SandboxSecurity & PrivacyVirtualization
Sandboxie Alternatives


Ghostery sees the invisible web - tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity. After showing you who's tracking you, Ghostery also gives you a chance to learn more about each company…

Block adsBlock trackersBrowser extensionGoogle Chrome ExtensionsFirefox ExtensionsMicrosoft Edge extensionNo TrackingOpera extensionSafari extensionTracker blocker
Ghostery Alternatives


Mendeley helps manage and share academic knowledge: Mendeley Desktop is free academic software (Windows, Mac, Linux) for organizing and sharing research papers and generating bibliographies with 1GB of free online storage to automatically back up and synchronize your library across desktop, web and mobile. Mendeley Web is a free research network which lets you manage…

Bibliography generatorBrowser integrationLibreOffice IntegrationMicrosoft Office integrationPDF annotationReal time collaborationSocial networkWord integration
Mendeley Alternatives

Sysinternals Suite

The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools like the BSOD Screen Saver or NotMyFault.The Suite is a bundling of the following selected Sysinternals Utilities:AccessChkAccessEnumAdExplorerAdRestoreAutologonAutorunsBgInfoCacheSetClockResContigCoreinfoCtrl2CapDebugViewDesktopsDisk2vhdDiskExtDiskMonDiskViewDisk Usage (DU)EFSDumpHandleHex2decJunctionLDMDumpListDLLsLiveKdLoadOrderLogonSessionsNTFSInfoPageDefragPendMovesPipeListPortMonProcDumpProcess ExplorerProcess MonitorProcFeaturesPsExecPsFilePsGetSidPsInfoPsKillPsListPsLoggedOnPsLogListPsPasswdPsServicePsShutdownPsSuspendRegDelNullRegJumpRootkitRevealerSDeleteShareEnumShellRunasSigCheckStreamsStringsSyncTCPViewVMMapVolumeIDWhoIsWinObjZoomIt...

ConfigurablePortableSystem Info
Sysinternals Suite Alternatives

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security is a free, very voluminous and multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.,If you prefer a smaller solution with Antivirus Protection only see ,COMODO Antivirus,. ,Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, CIS offers 360° protection by combining powerful Antivirus protection, an enterprise class packet…

CustomizableReal-time protectionRun file in a SandboxSandbox


Workpuls is a software which offers 3 different kinds of products: employee monitoring, time tracking and automatic time mapping. It allows employers to see how employees spend working hours on their computer.It’s a perfect solution for monitoring, analyzing productivity, as well as tracking time spent on various projects and tasks.It is suitable…

Automated ScreenshotsAutomated usage trackingAutomatic time trackingComputer monitoringEmployee Time TrackingEmployee Performance ManagementPayroll calculatorProductivity analysisProject TrackingReal-time analyticsReal-time monitoringReal-time trackingScreen monitoringScreenshot ToolsStealthTimeline-basedVisual timeline
Workpuls Alternatives

Reboot Restore Rx

Reboot Restore Rx makes it easy to maintain PC’s in small public access computing environments (classrooms, computer labs, kiosks, internet cafes, libraries, etc.). Every time you restart the PCs they will automatically reset to your predefined baseline setting. ,Reboot Restore Rx Professional, previously named Drive Vaccine, has all the features of the free version and…

Persistent StorageRemote ManagementRestore on reboot

Clean Master

Clean Master is an all-in-one cleaner app on Android for cleaning app cache, unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. With this apps user can also Kill running Tasks and releases more RAM to boost your phone performance and save battery life without granting superuser permission. ,[History Eraser],History Eraser will help you erase…

System CleanupMultiple languagesFile RecoverySoftware UninstallersRegistry Cleaner


NetSpot is a simple and accessible wireless survey tool, which allows collecting, visualizing and analyzing Wi-Fi data.NetSpot can visualize your wireless network by building a visual Wi-Fi map. It will let you see dead zones without coverage and place hotspots (Access Points) correctly. Using the visualized map of collected wireless data you will also…

Integrated Virus scannerIp traceNearby ScanTracker blockerVisual Wi-Fi mapVulneraility ScanningWiFi Signal Measurement
NetSpot Alternatives


Cozy makes the personal cloud more accessible. Respectful of the user's privacy, Cozy simplifies daily tasks: synchronize and backup photos, automate bills downloading, manage expenses, etc. Flexible and easy to use, their Open Source platform allows users to create and develop their own applications.

Accounting IntegrationAndroid SyncCloud StorageCloud syncFile StorageInformation gatheringPhoto Sharing


It's free app, which can combine cloud drives for Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, SkyDrive, SugarSync, FTP, etc, so that you can merge them together and centralize management.

Cloud migrationCloud StorageCloud syncCloud to cloud sync and transferFile managementSupport for FTPSupport for WebDAV


- What is hiTabs?Hitabs is a free cloud based web service to save, group and share your links and bookmarks.,- Why you should use hiTabs?. Not to lose an important link again. Keep your links bookmarks in a more organized way. It's device and browser independent,- What are the major features on hiTabs?. Import your…

BookmarksGoogle Chrome ExtensionsReal time collaborationSocial BookmarkingVisual bookmarks

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security keeps your PC free from malicious code, adware, spyware, hacker attacks, dialers, spam and network fraud.

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an all-in-one digital workplace solution that helps you connect, align and engage your teams around a single interface. You can use it to improve company and peer-to-peer communication, boost collaboration and manage company knowledge.To achieve this, eXo Platform offers a rich set of features such as enterprise social networking (people profiles,…

App integrationChatFile sharingGroup collaborationReal time collaborationShared calendarsSocial intranetSoftware as a ServiceTask ManagementTeam CollaborationTeam messagingTeam work


Simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which can configure network activity on your computer.The lightweight application is less than a megabyte, and it is compatible with Windows Vista and higher operating systems. You can download either the installer or portable version. For correct working, need administrator rights.Features: - Simple interface without…

Ad-freeBuilt-in FirewallBuilt-in timerLightweightOutbound firewallPortableSecurity & Privacy


PureVPN is much more than your usual VPN services provider. It offers unparalleled security and anonymity, making it your only choice for a secure online browsing experience. It goes without saying our users and their feedback will do more than suffice to justify as to why PureVPN is by far one of the best…

EncryptionEnd-to-End EncryptionSearch by licenseSupports LOGsUnlimited bandwidthVPN

Déjà Dup

Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of doing backups the 'right way' (encrypted, off-site, and regularly) and uses ,Duplicity, as the backend. It features support for local or remote backup locations, including Amazon S3. ,It securely encrypts and compresses your data. It incrementally backs up, letting you restore from any…

BackupEncrypted backupsEncrypted backupsIncremental backupRemote backupSchedule BackupWell integrated in Debian 9


Bitrix24 is a unified communications platform (free for small businesses) with task management, social intranet, file-sharing, crm, instant messaging, videoconferencing and built-in VoIP telephony. ,Bitrix24 allows integration with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Allows easy migration from Basecamp, Zoho and Yammer.,Self-hosted Bitrix24 based on CMS 1C-Bitrix and have same API.,Features:,- manage projects and tasks,- discuss…

Custom data fieldsCRMDocument sharingGantt-chartsGroup chatGroup collaborationProject TrackingShare your screenShared calendarsSocial intranetSoftware as a ServiceTask ManagementTeam CollaborationVideo chatVideo ConferencingVoice chatWorkflow Automation from CloudFlare is the fast and private way to browse the Internet. It is a public DNS resolver, but unlike most DNS resolvers, is not selling user data to advertisers. The implementation of makes it the fastest resolver out there.,Accompanying mobile apps provide easy access to WARP+ VPN, extending privacy and optimization…

Built-in routingBuilt-in VPNDnsDNS ProxyDNS ServerEncrypted VPNPrivacy focusedWeb filter


Tunnelblick is a free, open source graphic user interface for OpenVPN on OS X and macOS. It provides easy control of OpenVPN client and/or server connections.,It comes as a ready-to-use application with all necessary binaries and drivers (including OpenVPN, easy-rsa, and tun/tap drivers). No additional installation is necessary — just add your OpenVPN configuration and…

ALAC supportGuiNetworkingOpenvpnOpenVPN compatibilityVPN


Whaller lets you create private social networks and bring them to life.1. COMMUNICATE simplyCreate a sphere, invite your contacts, and start a discussion within minutes. Whaller spheres are your spaces for private conversation, each one sealed off from the others.Add your exchanges about documents, links, videos, surveys, events, etc.Public or private messages, chat, video…

Built-in File ManagerCommunity managementDropbox integrationFile sharingGoogle Drive integrationGroup chatGroup collaborationIFTTT integrationKanban boardsMarkDown supportOnedrive integrationPrivate messagingReal time collaborationShared calendarsSocial networkSoftware as a ServiceTask ManagementTeam Collaboration


Gmelius transforms your Gmail / G Suite inbox into your company’s workspace. It seamlessly bridges the gap between external and internal communications like email and chat, while empowering your team with collaborative tools like shared inboxes, shared labels, email notes, kanban boards, and more. Gmelius is a complete solution that lets you manage your customer…

Google Chrome ExtensionsCustom rulesCRMEmail automationEmail marketing automationEmail trackingAuto Follow up MailGmail integrationGroup collaborationHashtagsKanban boardsOrganize mailsReal-time analyticsReal time collaborationSafari extensionShared inboxSlack integrationSnooze mailTeam CollaborationTodosTracker blocker

Windows System Control Center

WSCC is a free (for personal use), portable program that allows you to install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites. WSCC can install and update the supported utilities automatically. Alternatively, WSCC can use the http protocol to download and run the programs. WSCC is portable, installation is not required. Extract…

System Info

Total Network Inventory

Total Network Inventory is a PC audit and network inventory software for office and large-scale enterprise networks. Total Network Inventory interrogates all computers and notebooks on a network and reports back with complete information about the OS, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software, running processes, etc. on remote machines.

Asset ManagementNetworking


LoginRadius empowers businesses to deliver a delightful customer experience without compromising security. Using our customer identity platform, companies can offer a streamlined login process while protecting digital accounts and complying with data privacy regulations.,LoginRadius serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 700 million users worldwide. Key platform features include registration services, adaptive security,…

Cloud basedCustomer AnalyticsCustomer InsightsCustomer Journey MappingCustomer SegmentationData-managementFederated CloudMarketing reportsMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA)OAUTHOkta integrationProgressive profilingReal-time analyticsSAML Single Sign-OnSingle Sign-OnSoftware as a ServiceThird party integrationsTwo factor authenticationUser Profiles with Location

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution (for Windows operating systems) that protects your PC/laptop real environment against malicious activity and unwanted changes.,Shadow Defender can run your system in a virtual environment called 'Shadow Mode'. 'Shadow Mode' redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience…


NethServer is a CentOS-based Linux distribution for servers. The product\\'s main feature is a modular design which makes it simple to turn the distribution into a mail server and filter, web server, groupware, firewall, web filter, IPS/IDS or VPN server. It also includes a comprehensive web-based user interface that simplifies common administration tasks and enables…

GatewayLinuxLinux-basedEmail ServerOpenvpnVirtualizationVPNWeb filterWeb Server


Home of the OPNsense project, free Open Source Firewall, router, UTM, load balancing, multi WAN, FreeBSD, Linux, High Availability CARP

Two factor authentication


SYDLE SEED is a 100% web BPMS (Business Process Management System) designed for those who believe that having intelligent processes is a key factor for success of the organizations seeking for order and efficiency.,With SYDLE SEED, your processes can be defined, standardized, documented, automated, monitored and optimized. All this in an objective and collaborative way!

Business process automationWorkflow


MailStore Home - A 100% free single-private-user desktop solutionMailStore Home enables you to backup all your email messages from multiple applications and accounts into one secure and persistent archive. Lightning-fast search, one-click backup, powerful export - all information from your email is at your fingertips anytime. Never lose important email again! - Integrated…

BackupEmail ArchivingExchangeExport to PSTFile CompressionSupport for IMAPMsgOutlook BackupPOP3 SupportPortable

The Trustbadge

The Trustbadge – Grow your Business & Show that your customers love you\\tThe one and only Trustbadge® technology collects & displays genuine Customer Reviews at a glanceWhy 30,000+ Websites trust us:-\\tUp to 12.5% Conversion-Boost-\\tSEO-optimized & personal Shop Profile-\\tWorks smoothly on common devices-\\tMore Traffic with TrustedShops ShopfinderAnd the Best: It’s for FREE!The Trustbadge…

Customer FeedbackCRMCustomer serviceCustomer supportE-commerceReview MonitoringUser friendlyUser generatedUser interfaceWordPress


Vistumbler is a wireless network scanner for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Features: Find Wireless access points - Uses the Vista command \\'netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid\\' to get wireless information GPS Support Export/Import access points from Vistumbler TXT/VS1/VSZ or Netstumbler TXT/Text NS1 Export access point GPS locations to a google earth kml…

Class DiagramsWireless-networking


This personal firewall and intrusion detection application provides comprehensive online security. It constantly monitors your PC for intrusion and reports any findings, so you can take the appropriate action. ,Advanced users can easily adjust default settings to create custom configurations. Internet traffic filtering, port scanning, IP tracking and secure POP e-mail protection functions are all…

Network Monitoring


MoboPlay lets you manage Android/iOS devices from computer or the files manager. This powerful multi-files manager is going to make it much easier than ever to manage your devices. You can now backup, restore, manage your files, apps, ringtone, wallpaper, music, images and even de-duplicate your contacts or as a space cleaner to clean up…

File managementFree GamesMobile Device Management


Ziflow is designed for creative and marketing teams that require an enterprise-ready online proofing solution for their review and approval processes. With over 1,200 file types supported (video, rich media, websites, design files, etc.), SOC2 compliance and features like automated workflow, version management and integrations with leading project management solutions, it's the first choice for…

Approval workflow trackingCustomer supportDesign review feedbackImage AnnotationsMarketing automationOnline collaborationOnline proofingPDF annotationImage PreviewProof reportReal time collaborationSide-by-Side comparisonVisual reviewsWorkflowWorkflow Automation


Mavenlink gives your team a cloud-based solution for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle. Complete projects, track time, plan resources, and monitor financial performance — all in a single, user-friendly software.

Business IntelligenceDocument sharingFile sharingOnline collaborationProject TrackingReal time collaborationResource managementSalesforce integrationSoftware as a ServiceTask ManagementTask SchedulingTeam Collaboration


Fail2ban scans log files (e.g. /var/log/apache/error_log) and bans IPs that show the malicious signs -- too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc. Generally Fail2Ban is then used to update firewall rules to reject the IP addresses for a specified amount of time, although any arbitrary other action (e.g. sending an email) could also be…


UNLOQ is (probably) the only technology company able to provide companies with a Custom Branded Multi-factor Authentication solution that comes at a similar price as implementing an SMS-based second factor authentication solution.,What our new Mobile App can do for companies and their users:• Authenticate users through Push-notifications, Time-based one-time password or Email. These can be…

AES encryptionEncrypted backupsEncryptionLive Push NotificationsMobile friendlyMobile paymentMulti-Factor Authentication (MFA)One Time PasswordsSecurity & PrivacyTwo factor authentication


SalesWings is an intuitive lead prioritization solution which uses real-time predictive lead scoring, website lead tracking and contact data enrichment to prioritize leads for sales team.,It comes with an intuitive dashboard which puts the hottest leads at the top of a list and syncs all data to Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other CRM through Zapier. Furthermore…

Integration with CRMsCustomer SegmentationGmail integrationLead GenerationLead scoringOutlook integrationPipedrive integrationReal-time website trackingSalesforce integrationSegmenting visitorsSlack integrationWordpress integrationZapier integration

Storyboard That

Storyboard That is the world's best online storyboard creator. Everyday people from all over the world use Storyboard That to quickly create amazing storyboards.,TeachersTeachers use Storyboard That as a powerful re-enforcement tool for lessons and book reports.,BusinessBusinesses use Storyboard That to model customer interaction scenarios.,Movie MakersStoryboard That provides a very fast and easy way to…


CloudRadar Monitoring

Monitoring your IT infrastructure has never been easier. CloudRadar monitors your servers, network devices and websites across all your locations - on-premise and in the cloud. Easy guided setup ensures that your monitoring is running reliably within minutes.,Monitor all your servers, services and hosts in one application. Get immediate alerts of any outage or upcoming…

Cloud basedConfiguration assistantCpu monitoringDisk MonitoringGuided configurationHardware MonitoringInfrastructure monitoringMemory MonitoringMonitor website changesNetwork MonitoringPerformance MonitoringProcess MonitoringReal-time dashboardReal-time monitoringServer MonitoringSlack integrationStreamlined interfaceUptime MonitoringWeb-BasedWebsite builderWebsite monitoring


Ufw stands for Uncomplicated Firewall, and is program for managing a netfilter firewall. It provides a command line interface and aims to be uncomplicated and easy to use.

Security & Privacy

Clean Slate

Restores your computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted computer changes. Just log off or reboot. Clean Slate is easy yet powerful.Discards unwanted user changes at log off or reboot, No Partitioning Ever, Effortless Windows Critical Updates Support, Seamless AV Updates, Easy Application Blocking, Enable-Disable-Configure with No Rebooting Ever, Super Flexible, Easy, Secure!

Restore on rebootSpywareVirtualization


Smart appointment scheduling software for service-based businesses.

Instagram integrationSMS Reminders


Grape is a business communication solution with a deep service integration, that makes all the distributed data from different external cloud services instantly available - right as you type. - Real time messaging, file sharing, supporting private messages and group conversations.- Reimagined Enterprise Search helps you quickly find anything within your business, including services…

Atlassian integrationCloud syncDropbox integrationFacebook integrationGDPR compliantGitHub integrationGoogle Calendar integrationGoogle Drive integrationGroup chatHipchat migrationIntegrated File SharingIntelligent searchMicrosoft Office integrationOn-premises softwareSocial media integrationTeam Collaboration


Snort® is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) developed by Sourcefire. Combining the benefits of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection, Snort is the most widely deployed IDS/IPS technology worldwide. With millions of downloads and nearly 400,000 registered users, Snort has become the de facto standard for IPS.

Network intrusion detection systemNetwork Monitoring


Work on Tarsnap began in September 2006 when the author, Dr. Colin Percival, decided that he wanted a better online backup service than was presently available. After slightly more than two years of development and private beta testing, Tarsnap officially entered public beta in November 2008, and attained profitability in February 2009. In September 2011,…

BackupCloud StorageEncrypted backupsSecurity focused
Tarsnap Alternatives


ControlPlane, a fork of , brings context-sensitive awareness to OS X. With ControlPlane you can intelligently reconfigure your Mac or perform any number of actions based on input from a wide array of evidence sources including but not limited to available WiFi networks, connected monitors, connected and nearby bluetooth devices, currently running apps and other…

ControlPlane Alternatives


Jostle Corporation is the creator of a new kind of employee intranet. Jostle’s People Engagement® platform is helping organizations around the world become extraordinary. It creates connected and vibrant workplaces by engaging employees, enabling communication, and driving workplace culture. Our customers achieve employee participation rates of over 85% — that’s over 5X industry norms.

ChatCloud basedEmployee EngagementFile sharingReal time collaborationSocial intranetSoftware as a ServiceTask ManagementTeam Collaboration

IObit AMC Security

Advanced Mobile Care is your one-stop solution for mobile security and performance, providing Android performance tune-ups, system cleaning, security to stop virus, malware, spyware in real time, game booster, battery doctor, privacy locker, app manager, task killer.ScanAll the clean-up are in a few taps. It helps you have enough store space to take more…

Battery SavingMultiple languagesTablet support

GMDH Shell

Powerful forecasting software for small businesses, traders and scientists. GMDH Shell is the easiest way to accurately forecast time series, create classifiers and regression models. Based on artificial neural networks, it allows you easily create predictive models, as well as preprocess data with dead simple point-and-click interface. Unlike other tools based on neural networks -…

Business IntelligenceCurve fittingData analyticsData MiningPredictive Modeling


GET ACCURATE, FLUID REAL-TIME BUDGETING,Budgets and project plans are living documents, informed by a team's experience and a client's evolving needs. With BigTime, your team can work at internet speed - keeping Salesforce up to date along the way.,PUT PROJECTS AT THE CENTER OF YOUR TEAM'S UNIVERSE,Every engagement involves an almost endless stream of due…

Approval workflow trackingElectronic invoicingEmployee Time TrackingExpense managementExpense TrackingMulti-project managementPortableProject TrackingResource managementTime billing


proXPN is the easiest way to secure your internet connection for free. Your privacy and security are protected with our military-grade VPN featuring 2048-bit encryption. proXPN works transparently to keep you protected at all times. Free beta accounts available now.


Sophos UTM

Sophos UTM integrates complete security software within a single appliance. Choose only the protection you need when you need it. And deploy it on the platform that best fits your business: software, hardware or virtual appliance. Each offers an identical feature set no matter if you protect 10 or 5,000 users. And our easy web-based…


Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is a fast and free port scanner allowing you to quickly find open ports (TCP and UDP) on network computers and retrieve versions of programs running on the detected ports. The program provides easy access to network resources such as shared folders, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RDP and Radmin. You can wake or…

Network MonitoringNetwork ToolsNetworking

SHADE Sandbox

SHADE Sandbox is an alternative for antivirus and a tool for virtualization. It locally virtualizes applications (i.e. internet browsers) and locks all incoming internet files and possible viruses in its safe virtual environment - a “sandbox”, keeping them isolated from the Operating System to maintain it clean from malware.



Device42 provides CMDB software with comprehensive auto-discovery and powerful application dependency mapping that changes how organizations manage their complex data center infrastructures. Offering a one-stop view of IT infrastructure, enjoy simplified management of everything from networks, physical and virtual servers, secrets/passwords, and the cloud. Device42 ensures IT admins and data center managers know whats running,…

Asset ManagementIPAMIT Asset ManagementReportingREST APIServer Management


Untangle is a platform for deploying network based applications. The platform unites these applications around a common GUI, database and reporting. Applications on the Untangle platform inspect network traffic simultaneously, which greatly reduces the resource requirements of each individual application. Untangle can act as a complete unified threat management (UTM) box, going beyond just a…

Block adsGatewayPluginsVPNWeb filter


IVRE, a network recon framework.

Network MonitoringWorks Offline

Firewall App Blocker

In Windows, you can use Windows Firewall to block or unblock certain applications, but it doesn’t offer an easy-to-use interface for its advanced features. Firewall App Blocker makes the process very easy! Simply drag and drop the application you wish to block into the FAB window, or browse the hard disk to find it and…

Outbound firewallPortableSecurity & Privacy


Reaver implements a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs in order to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Reaver has been designed to be a robust and practical attack against WPS, and has been tested against a wide variety of access points and WPS implementations. On average Reaver will recover the target AP\\'s plain…

Network Tools


Backup and restore your gmail account at will. Liberate your emails and never lose that part of your life. Backup all your emails on disk. Use the full sync mode to backup your entire gmail account in a unique directory. Your email backup repository can then be easily tar and moved from one machine to…



OTRS is a leading cloud-based ticketing and process automation solution. It is used by service teams: IT, customer service, information security, corporate security, etc. ,The fully-managed solution means that your service management team is up-and-running quickly. It is completely customizable to your organization's needs, but some of our frequently requested features include: ,? ITIL processes…

CMDB and ProcessManagementCustomer serviceFirst person viewHelpdesk ticketingIncident managementInventory managementService Level ManagementWeb-BasedWorkflow Automation


MindArray is an IT performance management suite for businesses and organizations to monitor and analyze performance across multiple applications and network resources via a single pane of glass. MindArray helps you gain visibility and lets you take control on your dynamic, elastic and Heterogeneous IT infrastructure. Cross-Domain monitoring, multiple product support, SLAs, Forecast analytics and…

Application MonitoringCloud MonitoringNetwork MonitoringServer MonitoringUptime Monitoring


ProxyCap enables you to redirect your computer's network connections through proxy servers. You can tell ProxyCap which applications will connect to the Internet through a proxy and under what circumstances. This is done through a user friendly interface, without the need to reconfigure any of your Internet clients. ProxyCap has native support for the SSH…


Opsview Enterprise

Opsview is award winning unified service monitoring software for complex, distributed IT infrastructures.

Application MonitoringCloud MonitoringComputer monitoringNetwork MonitoringServer ManagementServer MonitoringUptime Monitoring


phpipam is an open-source web IP address management application (IPAM). Its goal is to provide light, modern and useful IP address management. It is php-based application with MySQL database backend, using jQuery libraries, ajax and some HTML5/CSS3 features.



Ubersmith is:,• An all-in-one solution• Platform independent• Open and extensible,Features:,Billing: Our tightly integrated monitoring and billing system demonstrates our specialization in usage-based billing. We offer out-of-the-box solutions for bandwidth billing, ticket-time billing, power billing and resource-based cloud billing. PA-DSS certification enables you to provide the security of PCI compliance to your customers. ,Infrastructure: With mapping…

Asset ManagementIPAM

Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM is a Unified Endpoint Management solution that manages devices across multiple platforms from a single pane of glass. With a user-centric approach, the management process is streamlined throughout the entire device lifecycle- starting from enrollment up until device retirement. Hexnode MDM has a rich feature set, starting from app management, kiosk management,…

Active Directory integrationBYODExpense managementGPS Location TrackingMobile Device ManagementWeb-Based


If youre tired of clicking around trying different Wi-Fi connections to find one that works - You want WeFi.WeFi is software loaded onto your laptop or mobile device. It automatically detects and qualifies all Wi-Fi access points within range and connects you to the spot with the best Internet connection. If the WeFi software…

Network ToolsNetworkingVisual Wi-Fi map

WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer is a tool to scan, find, and troubleshoot wireless networks. It can be used to quickly identify channel conflicts, overlapping and other factors (e.g. configuration issues) that may be affecting the connectivity and/or performance of your wireless network in homes, offices and other sites. It can also be used to find open, ad-hoc…


Monetize your website without ads. Make money without showing ads in your website with Adless tag. Your users will be part of our distributed computing platform solving Blockchain and machine learning problems.,MonetizeYou can offer content Ad-free to your users or use Adless tag along with your current ads. Some ad network limit your number of…

Accept Bitcoin as paymentCryptocurrency exchangeDecentralizedEmbeddableMonetizationSupport for Multiple protocolsNo registration requiredReal-time analyticsRich mediaVideo monetization


NetworkMiner is an open source Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows (but also works in Linux / Mac OS X / FreeBSD). NetworkMiner can be used as a passive network sniffer/packet capturing tool in order to detect operating systems, sessions, hostnames, open ports etc. without putting any traffic on the network. NetworkMiner can…

Network MonitoringPortableSniffer


iperf is a tool for active measurements of the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks. It supports tuning of various parameters related to timing, protocols, and buffers. For each test it reports the bandwidth, loss, and other parameters.,The current version, sometimes referred to as iperf3, is a redesign of an original version developed at NLANR/DAST.…

Root required

Team Management Software, built by managers.Manage people, and not projects or tasks. unique perspective offers great reports and tools for knowing where is your team actually investing its energy, when things will be delivered and how much time did they cost. Used by over 30,000 companies worldwide.

Business IntelligenceGamificationReal time collaborationTask ManagementTeam CollaborationZapier integration


Ralph is full-featured Asset Management, DCIM and CMDB system for data center and back office.,Features:,* auto-discover existing hardware,* keep track of assets purchases and their life cycle,* generate flexible and accurate cost reports,* integrate with change management process using JIRA integration,* It is an Open Source project provided on Apache v2.0 License.

Asset ManagementCustomizableInventory managementIT Asset ManagementNetwork MonitoringREST API


Azendoo is a work management tool to help teams get more done together. The product focuses on the three pillars of collaboration: work management and team communication and document sharing.,Organize team tasks in list and boards for your projects and any other type of work. Create and assign tasks for your collaborators, track and get… integrationBug reportingCalendar integrationChatCollaborative WorkspacesDocument sharingDrag n dropDropbox integrationEfficiencyEmail integrationEmployee Time TrackingEvernote integrationFile SearchingFile sharingGoal TrackingGoogle Drive integrationGroup chatGroup collaborationGSuite IntegrationKanban boardsLive ChatOnedrive integrationOnline collaborationPollingReal time collaborationRecurring tasksRemote WorkSAML Single Sign-OnSchedulingSearch engineSingle Sign-OnSlack integrationSocial feedSoftware as a ServiceSubtasksTask ManagementTask SchedulingTeam CollaborationTeam messagingTeam workTodosZapier integration

Verax NMS & APM

Verax NMS & APM is an IT service assurance solution for monitoring & management of networks, data centers, applications and clouds.,Verax NMS & APM supports network elements (CISCO, Juniper, Adva, Foundry , etc.), applications (MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, etc.), data center elements (IP cameras, power supplies, etc.) in…

Application MonitoringNetwork MonitoringServer Monitoring

Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care is a free tool set designed to speed up your PC and give your system full care. With multi-functional optimization suite, this software provides a collection of tools that includes System Checkup, System Cleanup, System Speedup, System Virtualization and 40+ powerful tools to enhance PC performance, security, and to optimize the start-up procedure.…

System CleanupDuplicate File FinderRecover deleted filesUtilities that Delete FilesFile Recovery

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot conveniently turns a computer into a wireless router for sharing both Internet connection and files. Whether you are using cable network or USB dongle, you will easily share your Internet with compatible devices. The program allows you to set your preferred nickname and password and determine the people with whom you want…

Avast Mobile Security

Avast! Free Mobile Security gives you mobile antivirus protection and mobile tracking while concealing itself from would-be thieves. ,MAIN FEATURES,• Antivirus: Scans installed apps and memory card content on demand and new apps upon first use.,• Privacy Report: Scans and displays access rights and intents of installed apps.,• Anti-Theft (hidden component): Gives you remote control…

Battery SavingMultiple languages


Brosix is a secure instant messaging application that is one excellent solution to secure and organize your everyday internal communication.,The two available versions of the application are a great choice for both companies and individuals who rely on the need of functional and encrypted day-to-day communication.,» Brosix Personal is a suitable choice for individuals who…

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SSuite Office

SSuite Office is the foremost provider of Free quality office software on the internet today.,We are there for anyone that needs excellent and professional free software that actually works without any hassles. Even the first time computer-user as well as the more experienced computer-user can find the best free software applications here with us.,As you…

Text editing


Wifislax is a GNU / Linux LiveCD and LiveUSB features conceived and designed for security auditing and related to computer security in general.Wifislax includes a long list of security and auditing tools ready to be used, among which are numerous ports and vulnerabilities scanner, tools for creating and designing exploits, sniffers, and forensic analysis tools…


ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM) or workflow software application. Workflow software such as ProcessMaker can assist organizations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds.ProcessMaker workflow software features an extensive toolbox which provides the ability to easily…

Built-in Workflow ManagementIncident managementWorkflowWorkflow AutomationWorkflow Designer

Fern Wifi Cracker

Fern Wifi Cracker is a Wireless security auditing and attack software program written using the Python Programming Language and the Python Qt GUI library, the program is able to crack and recover WEP/WPA/WPS keys and also run other network based attacks on wireless or ethernet based networks.To unlock pro features:

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is a network security scanner that allows to audit and monitor network computers for possible vulnerabilities, checks your network for all potential methods that a hacker might use to attack it. Nsauditor is a complete networking utilities package that includes more than 45 network tools for network auditing, scanning, monitoring and…

Network MonitoringNetwork Tools

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is the comprehensive toolbox to save battery, tweak, tune, backup, secure and monitor any Android devices running any ROMs, any kernels.FEATURES- Device profiles (CPU, IO, components)- Tasks scheduler (app management, clean-up, etc)- Device watchers to automatically activate a profile, run tasks or display alarms- Battery savings using profiles and tasks- Batch…

Battery MonitorSystem CleanupHardware MonitoringSoftware UninstallersSystem Info

Fix Tracking

Stop getting tracked in your Browser.

No Tracking is a website that analyses your current browser setup and tells you what information it could find. It then gives you advice about how to improve/fix the leaks. Your web browser gives away information that could be personally identifiable. You probably heard about cookies and IP addresses, but there\\'s a lot more besides:…


Embrace the power of mobility to grow your business as a mobile-first enterprise. The comprehensive Codeproof enterprise mobility solution empowers your business to secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and data on smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and more.The SaaS enterprise mobile security platform is built on the elastic cloud stack for flexible, scalable, secure…

Mobile Device Management

O&O DiskImage

Prevent data loss easily and securely! With O&O DiskImage you can create images of your entire computer or individual partitions during operation.,If data loss occurs, your imaged data (files, folders, partitions) will be available to you in no time with just a few clicks - even if Windows cannot be started anymore!

Disk Imaging


Scalefusion offers modern mobile device management (MDM), application management (MAM) and content management (MCM) capabilities for corporate-owned & employee-owned devices. It allows organizations to secure and manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 based endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages.,Scalefusion MDM Highlights:,Supports Android, iOS, macOS & Windows 10,Application Management,Content Management,Remote Cast…

Block appsWebsite blockingCloud basedKiosk ModeMobile Device Management


The OpenSignal app will allow you to do several things, such as:,-See what cell tower you’re connected to, get directions to the closest tower and visualize other towers around you,-Run speedtests,-See coverage maps for your operator, compare their performance with other operators,-Get statistics of your cell and data use,-WiFi map allows you to easily locate…

Cloud Workspace Management Suite

Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) allows you to easily provision and manage your own cloud workspace solution, using the infrastructure, hypervisor and other technologies you already offer your End Customers. CWMS aggregates all the layers in your stack and gives you a centralized location to easily oversee, manage and control each and every aspect of…

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NetBox is an open source web application designed to help manage and document computer networks. Initially conceived by the network engineering team at DigitalOcean, NetBox was developed specifically to address the needs of network and infrastructure engineers. It encompasses the following aspects of network management:, IP address management (IPAM) - IP networks and addresses, VRFs,…



Zebu is a secure and protected way to collaborate in the workplace. The Zebu platform is created with industry-leading security with our military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that will allow your business to simplify their work while protecting their most valuable assets. Zebu provides private and secured communication, cloud storage and scheduling with military grade encryption…

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IceFloor is the first OS X free graphic frontend for PF. Configure the PF firewall in a few clicks using a very simple interface and a step by step in-app configuration guide (Quick Start).

Outbound firewall


Documize provides an Integrated Document Environment that adapts to the business, making it dead-simple for anyone to compose & contribute content and share knowledge. A single place to compose docs and share know-how, without the mess of email, chat apps and sync folders* Handles traditional documents and wiki style content* Integrates SaaS Data like…

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