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Auryn Ink (pronounced "orin") is the authentic watercolor simulation, the no mess watercolor studio.


It allows for wet on wet, wet on dry and glazing effects. Based on the tilt of your device, colors run down the surface, bleed and spread out to create darker edges just like real watercolor.


Auryn Ink's features provide everything a watercolorist needs to create and share beautiful works of art on a mobile device. Now you can generate complete watercolor paintings with the touch of a finger or stylus anywhere, anytime!


It supports Apple Pencil and Adonit styluses.


Key features:• Wet on wet and wet on dry simulation• Wet, dry and fixed layers to enable glazing effects.• Ability to lift color with water• 96 pre-defined bright, vibrant colors matching Windsor and Newton professional watercolor range.• Control over water drying rate allowing for more wet painting time• Two choices for water cell density for faster and slower results.• Choice of six watercolor paper types.• Ability to save a custom color pallet.• Easy access to brush size, water amount, and amount of color on the brush.• Ability to switch slider sides for left handed users.• Gallery to save your paintings in their wet form to work on later.

Supported Platforms

  • iPhone
  • iPad

Features of App

Apple Pencil supportDrawingSketching

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