Friendica alternatives

Friendica Alternatives


Friendica is a distributed social network application. Which allow users to connect with others via their own Friendica server, but may also fully integrate contacts from other platforms including Twitter, diaspora*, and StatusNet into their \'newsfeed\'. In addition to these two way connections, users can also use Friendica as a publishing platform to post content to Google+, Google Buzz, WordPress, Tumblr, GNU-social, and Libertree. The list of supported networks is growing. In addition, e-mail contacts and RSS feeds can be integrated. ...

The developers argue that decentralization on small servers is a key condition for the freedom of users and their self-determination.

There are two options to choose from to try Friendica. The first option is to join one of the already installed Friendica server listed at The second option is to install your own server at Both options are fully free.

Friendica runs on commodity hosting platforms powered by PHP/MySQL/Apache. If you can install Drupal or Wordpress you can probably install Friendica. A single Friendica installation supports up to several thousand members.

Every Friendica installation can connect with any other to create a social network without limits. And one that nobody can own or control.

Mike Macgirvin and the Friendica community

Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • BSD
  • Self-Hosted
  • PHP

Features of App

Commodity hosting supportCommunity eventsDecentralizedDiaspora integrationDistributedEventsFederatedFLOSSGroup collaborationGroup MessagingPhpPrivacy focusedRsvpSocial networkTwitter integration

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