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OwlOCR offers simple optical character recognition of text in PDF files, images or on-screen and converts that to plain text. All conversion is done securely on-device - none of your images or files are sent to third-party services in the cloud as most applications do. This also means that the application will function behind corporate firewalls and in places without internet connectivity.


Only English language is supported with Language Recognition that may improve the results. If the application is used for documents with other languages, you should turn off Language Recognition.


Please note that this application does not preserve the formatting of rich text like font size, bolding, italics, etc. The output of the OCR function is plain text that you may copy and then paste to your target use or application.




- Input filetypes supported: PDF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG.- In multipage PDF files, select to either OCR page-by-page or the whole thing- Grab a screen area for instant OCR and result copied to clipboard- Keyboard shortcut Cmd + F1 for screen area OCR even when OwlOCR is in the background- 64-bit: macOS Catalina fully supported- Dark Mode supported

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  • Mac

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