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Parsley keeps a configured set of places in file systems in sync.,Features:,Keeps configured file system places in sync (local and ssh),Robust infrastructure with working retry and error handling,Customizable behavior with the availability to add additional program, logic for various situations,Optional 'move to sink mode': always moves all files from the source to a sink and so keep the source empty,Has a mechanism for metadata synchronization (tags, rating, ...),Can be used stand-alone or embedded in other tools with a flexible and extensible api,Rich graphical interface for configuration and for executing synchronization,Graphical interface for manually resolving conflicts which occurred in a synchronization run,Designed for being driven by a scheduled task (a.k.a. cronjob), which executes a background command (e.g. each minute),In background mode: Own handling of synchronization intervals (independent of the interval for the scheduled task),..., ,

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux

Features of App

File transferPython

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